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Workshop Equipment Castings

Stent Tool & Cutter Grinder.

For Grinding Taps, Reamers & End Mills Etc.
All Castings & Other Parts Such As Bearings,
Motor & Grinding Wheels Can Be Supplied.

Please Note All Guards Should Be Fitted &
Safety Spectacles Warn When Using Any Grinding Machine.

3" Power Hacksaw Machine.

A Complete Set Of  Castings, Fasteners, Ready Machined Pulleys & Sprockets Are Available To Make This Very Useful Addition To Your Workshop .


Dividing Head By Alan Timmins.

The Allan Timmins Dividing Head Has Been Designed To
Utilise Myford Lathe Accessories By Having The Same Mounting
Thread & Register As The ML7/ML10 With A 2MT Spindle.
As Well As A Free Standing Tailstock We Can Supply A Bar Mounted Version.

Lathe Attachment Castings.

A Selection Of Castings To Suit Myford Series 7 Lathes. Such As
A Fixe & Traveling Steady, Vertical Slide & Various Angle Plates

Tee Slotted Sub Table.

Described In "E.I.M." July & Aug 1981. This Slotted Table Allows
Work To Be Bolted To The Lathe Without Distorting The Top Slide.

General Purpose Toolholder By Martin Cleeve.

For Lathe Top Slide With Provision For Tool Height Adjustment
& Having The Capability To Swing The Tool Clear Of The Work
For Measuring Without Disturbing The Tool Position.

David Lammas Worshop Equipment.

We Now Have The Following Range
Of Workshop Castings.

3 Way Tool Post. (3 Sizes Are Available).

4 Facet Drill Grinding Attachment.

Large & Small Gear Cutter Head .

Dividing Head Designed To Complement Gear Cutter.

Sine Table 6 1/2" x 4".

Raising Blocks For Myford Dividing Head.

Toolslide Drawing & Casting.

Hardness Tester.

Equipment Top